A Weekend with Toastmasters is a Weekend Well Spent

What makes four members of Ljubljana Toastmasters get up in the dark, at 4 am on a weekend morning and drive 400 km to Vienna? The correct answer is: Division D Spring Conference!

Andreas is about to give his Icebreaker speech
On Saturday, 22 April, we participated at the Viennese conference, where Toastmasters from Austria and Hungary were competing in evaluations and speeches in English, German and Hungarian.  As Ljubljana TM is an undistricted club we could not compete ourselves, but we could participate as judges, ballot counters or timers for instance. Nevertheless, two of our members had the opportunity to appear on the stage and truly made us proud: Andreas gave his Ice Breaker speech which was evaluated by the contestants. Meanwhile Anže appeared as the only participant of Table Topics.


The Vienna Conference was not just competitive, it was also profoundly inspirational: keynote speaker Tim Cox pushed us into the deep waters. Uncomfortable matters like inheritance need to be discussed, otherwise they can split up families. But we also have to learn how to let go and move on, stepping up to the next challenge. This applies to our careers as well. We need to asses your skills and know our strengths. On top of that we need to face uncomfortable matters within ourselves, our fears. Then let them go.
The winners of the International Speech Competition

David Corcoran, an opera singer introduced us to workshop “The Theatre of Speaking” with the message speaking is essentially the same as singing. He taught us a few basic steps in using our voice, focusing on the posture and breathing technique. When representing a character we need to thing about his or hers vocal variety, accents and tone of speaking as well as posture and gestures. Don’t be afraid to act it out until in becomes natural. We are all actors in the play of life!
At the very end the winners of the international speech competition were announced: Peter Hajdu and Thomas Mueller will be representing Division D at the District 95 Conference in Berlin, which is the next steep leading to Toastmaster World Championship of Public Speaking. We are keeping our fingers crossed for them. When Ljubljana Toastmasters Club becomes districted you too will have the chance to embark on this exciting journey!

Written by: Mojca Žerovec