ABC accelerator

A sense of pride and exhaustion over accomplished goals is what we were left with when we were leaving the venue that day. We feel stronger but also humbled. Overall we ended the marathon with what it takes to be a Toastmaster.
It all wouldn’t be happening if we wouldn’t have support from locals. People at ABC accelerator have been kind enough to welcome us in. They have provided us with a comfortable gathering space and the staging space where our event was held.

With their help we once again provided the environment for practicing public speaking and took advantage with practicing leadership skills. At the marathon we had 8 prepared speeches 15 short impromptu speeches and hosted 2 workshops. The event was organised by a group of 6 active members.

This was the second time we have worked with ABC for a marathon. As the conversations are always positive, we hope to cooperate yet again in the future. We are thankful to have your support.

Its the startup era. Nowadays everyone has a business. And its easy to get lost in buzz words, conferences or workshops. At ABC accelerator people believe in hard work. Hussle if you will. And if you are up for making it happen ABC accelerator is the right address for you. they are accessible at: